I am constantly telling my friends to wait for a guy who cherishes, loves and appreciates them completely. I’m lucky enough to always have the perfect example of this: my boyfriend, Luke. Today marks his 18th birthday, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity for me to brag about him unapologetically (even though it’s something I do on a daily basis).

Luke has been my best friend since October of 2012, and my boyfriend since August of 2015. In our time together, I’ve come to find that there is no one more generous, selfless, loving, forgiving or understanding than him.

Yesterday, due to the fact that I never learn from my mistakes, I spent the majority of the day tossing and turning in bed with horrible stomach pains thanks to my forbidden love, watermelon. Despite it being his graduation day, he didn’t give me a hard time about not feeling up to talking or texting all day. Then, this morning, when I had a meltdown on the phone while profusely apologizing for feeling badly on his birthday, he assured me over and over that he didn’t mind one bit. Yes, ladies, I realize just how lucky I am.

Luke is one of the only ones who knows how to make me smile on days when I just want to curl up in the fetal position and cry. He gives me back and foot rubs without my asking, holds the door open for me (even though I’m a strong, independent woman), understands that cuddles oftentimes must include my dogs and plays Monopoly with me no matter how many times I absolutely obliterate him.

Luke is an absolute genius, but, because of his insanely humble persona, you wouldn’t know just how many things he’s accomplished. Like the fact that he scored a perfect 36 on the science section of the ACT, getting an overall score of 33. Or the fact that he’s been given countless “Student of…” awards. Or, how about the fact that he’ll be ahead of the majority of his college peers for about two years due to his advanced knowledge of CAD.

But other than just being Albert Einstein reincarnate, Luke is an artist. He writes the best, dark, thought-provoking short stories I’ve ever read. Occasionally, he dabbles in painting, sculpting, sketching, you name it, and makes some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen. (I could be slightly biased considering I’ve been the subject of these pieces on a few occasions.)

Finally (for this blog post anyway… there are so many more things to say about Luke), he’s goofy, silly, hilarious and witty all at the same time. His sarcastic remarks leave me rolling my eyes while trying to hide a smile. His goofy voices drive me nuts, but in the best way possible. And his silly spirit never fails to make me laugh.

Though while I write this we’re 1,162 miles apart, there isn’t a single other person I feel closer to. He knows me, I swear, better than I know myself. There just aren’t words to describe how incredible this boy is.

I hope this birthday is the best one yet, Love. Here’s to many more celebrated (hopefully) 0 miles apart.

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