Today, I woke up at 6:27a, three minutes before the time that my weekday alarm sounds off.

Last night, I told myself I’d start allowing myself at least ten minutes of peace and quiet every morning outside with the sun while sipping on some warm lemon water. (Side note: I really don’t enjoy warm lemon water, but I used to hate cucumber water too, so… Here’s to wishful thinking!) I first got this idea from one of my new favorite books, The Kinfolk Home. It’s a book I’ve been wanting for quite some time, and, last week, I finally bought it. I’ve acquired some of their quarterly magazine releases and have loved all of them, so I knew before my purchase that with this I’d feel just the same.

On page 41 of the book, they talk about the need to feel and experience dawn and dusk “in order to help set our circadian rhythms.” Those make up that “body clock” that tells you when you should eat, shut down and wake up. By witnessing and being a part of the beginning and end of the day, you’re giving your mind and body the chance to physically see that it’s time to wake up or go to sleep. So, if you find yourself to be very groggy in the mornings before that boost of caffeine, a little Vitamin D might be a good kickstart for the mind as well.

I decided to test this out for myself this morning. Mug in hand, I stepped out into the morning sun with our border collie Pyrenees mountain dog mix and settled into one of our many, many chairs facing the rising sun. I watched it turn cotton ball clouds a pinkish orange hue, then dance its rays across the developing golf course.

The sounds of construction all ready revving up for the day didn’t bother me too much, rather blended in with all the other sounds of the world waking up. Gunner, our monster-sized dog that we lovingly call “Cow,” hopelessly chased and snapped at flies swarming around in the early humidity. Despite it all ready being incredibly warm for the morning, a nice breeze helped keep it feeling pleasant.

For about 10 minutes, I sat doing pretty much nothing. I sipped a few times at my lemon water, making an unhappy face every time I did so. But, besides that, I just allowed my body to wake up while I took in the rest of the world doing the same.

After a little while, I let myself continue to my normal morning routine of browsing through social media feeds and playing a few apps. At 6:54a, when the flies started to get more obnoxious, I headed inside feeling more awake than normal, a surprising feat for a night owl like me.

While I wouldn’t say my life has been absolutely changed, I did find it easier to do routine morning tasks. I even made my bed and straightened up a bit before I left, something I usually leave to be dealt with when I get home.

However, I think if it were something I permanently adopted into my morning routine, I’d start to see change. Maybe, just maybe, it’d become easier to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning on time.

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