I’ve recently made a commitment to myself, my morals and my wallet to shop only secondhand and ethically created clothing.

In a world where mass-production chain retailers rule, the law of supply and demand is constantly overlooked. Rather than asking themselves if their customers really want “#WIFEY” tee shirts before pushing out thousands of them, stores like Forever 21 are pumping out low quality pieces without a second thought. That means a lot of wifey tees are ending up in the landfill.

Prior to this change in my shopping habits, I’d purchase whatever I wanted, the only thing sometimes holding me back being the price of the item. As a result, I have a closet full of trendy items that I’ve worn once or twice, some not at all, with no desire to wear them ever again. While I definitely think I’m someone with my own style, it’s still way too easy to get sucked into the latest greatest fad.

I also have a tendency to purchase a lot of the same kind of item. I have four different striped button-downs that I swear all look different, but I’d probably be just fine living with one or two. So, when out and about shopping, rather than purchasing five decent white tees, I might, instead, settle on one perfect one.


At first, I was worried that this change in habits would cause my style to look cheapened and low quality. To prove myself wrong, I gathered a few pieces I’ve purchased from secondhand retailers in the past, putting together the above look.

At the end of the day, my goals with this conscientious mindset while shopping are to save money, reduce waste and only acquire the necessities. (Disclaimer: Necessities for me might be very different from others.)

If you’ve ever been wary of shopping secondhand, give it a try sometime. You just might be happily surprised with the results.

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