Interior design is something I’ve always been passionate about.

While the styling and design aspect of it is one of the greatest appeals, I find, more importantly, the way it reflects someone’s personality and habits even more compelling. You can learn so much about a person in the space they create. The colors, the art, the trinkets and even the amount of clutter are tiny windows into a person’s mind.

Though I have limited resources, space and budget in the real world, I decided to let my creativity run freely in the digital world. As a result, I put together this little living room/kitchen duo, something I’m pretty fond of and wouldn’t really mind having, at some point, in the real world.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.31.59 PM

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The Living Room

If you know me personally (and maybe it shows through my posts, too), I’m quite fond of neutral palettes, particularly ones that include black and white. In my spaces, I choose to bring in color through natural elements, such as plants, so as to contrast the stark crispness some neutrals can evoke. For the living room, I also added a rounded, glass fireplace against the white, exposed-brick accent wall to add a touch of coziness to the space. Complemented by the faux hide rug and overstuffed chairs, the white walls and precise, herringbone hardwood floors are softened by gentler textures.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.33.20 PM

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The Kitchen

Not a single bit of space goes to waste in this white, light kitchen. Three wood-topped stools, chosen to match the exposed shelving, line a bar complete with wine storage and a blender. An alcove in the wall serves as the perfect space for the stainless steel refrigerator, allowing plenty of walking space for family members and guests alike. The open-concept layout makes for a great entertainment space, allowing the host to prep, cook and garnish to their heart’s content, all while keeping up conversation with minglers in the living room.

The five windows looking out on the rest of the world serve to brighten up the space, an area that could easily become dark with both concrete floors and walls. The white, marble countertops paired with white cabinets also helps contrast the darker tones of the concrete. With final touches of all white dish ware, natural wood and a few plants, the space still maintains a bright, breathable feel, akin to that of the living room.

While I’m no expert when it comes to interior design and have no credentials to legitimize anything I just said, I feel that personal style and insight sometimes matter more than a paper certificate. At the end of the day, a home should reflect the occupant’s style, not a textbook.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed checking out this little minimalistic space I created in my free-time. Happy Thursday!

This space was created using The Sims 4 (including mods) on April 13, 2017.

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