Hello! My name is Kelsey and I’m a casual lifestyle blogger residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Blogging since 2016, I have a passion for living everyday to the fullest no matter how great or small each task and moment may be. I always want to emanate a positivity and genuineness that reflects my true everyday self. Behind every single post I write is a girl with a heart to capture and share each and every one of life’s precious moments.


Clickety Clack is all about embracing the everyday moments of life and seeing each and every one of them as unique and important. Our lives are the perfect culmination of our obligations and commitments, whims and wishes and interests and hobbies. Each and every one of us are gifted with special talents and the capacity to always grow and learn more. Why not celebrate and feature all of these elements regularly?



Founded in 2016, the lifestyle-focused posts on Clickety Clack are as inspired as the name. The name “Clickety Clack” derives from the childhood favorite, Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type, featuring farm animals discovering a typewriter for the first time. Very similarly to the animals in the book, Kelsey uses the blog to share her feelings, observations and discoveries concerning all that life has to offer.



Kelsey Western is a digital media coordinator and blogger residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Though she planned on going to college to study law, Kelsey instead decided to pursue her love for writing and people by creating Clickety Clack. When a transfer was not accepted to her school of choice for her senior year, she decided to leave the education system for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a locally-based marketing firm.

Though most of her time is dedicated to her job, when time allows, Kelsey focuses all her efforts and energy on pursuing a career of blogging and redefining beauty one story at a time. While her boyfriend attends college, Kelsey would like to take an online course for interior design, a passion she’d love to turn into more than just a hobby. To this day, she preaches that no matter what profession you pick, each will have its own challenges and obstacles that can be overcome with passion, power and purpose.



I believe in finding joy in the simple things while working to make each day better than the last all while wearing your best pair of heels. I have a deep admiration for Audrey Hepburn, Adele Adkins and Ellen DeGeneres. If I could adopt any animal, I’d pick a dinosaur. Which one? If adopting a dinosaur were possible, I don’t think I’d be too picky. Mint chip ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled on top is one of my many weaknesses. A close second would have to be New Girl or Modern Family. I currently live with my parents, two dogs and an abundance of high maintenance fish. If we’re at a party and you try talking about politics, math or celebrity gossip, I’ll probably find an excuse to leave. But, if you mention interior design, hedgehogs or fashion? I think we’ll get along just fine.

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