Hello, beauty! Please answer the questions below in a blank email with the subject “Beheld Questionnaire” to CC:


Please make sure your schedule allows for at least four homework assignments (estimating at about a half an hour of time each) per week, five photoshoots and five interviews and regular note-taking and journaling. If your schedule is too busy for this commitment, please do not apply for one of the limited spots available. 



  1. Which of the following do you think makes you feel most beautiful?
    1. Health & Wellness
    2. Clothing & Accessories
    3. Skills & Activities
    4. Hair & Makeup
    5. I don’t know!
  2. Which day can you consistently be open for at least four hours (after 8:00 am and before 5:00 pm) on for five weeks?
    1. Saturday
    2. Sunday
  3. What times are you open on the selected day(s)? (Must be at least a four hour window.)
  4. Please choose all items that you are comfortable posing in as of right now.
    1. Bikini
    2. One-Piece
    3. Slip
    4. Underwear
  5. What is your most prevalent insecurity?

BONUS: How/when did you find out about Beheld?


Submission of this questionnaire does not guarantee a spot as a Beheld model. Models are chosen at random monthly from all submissions received. If you do not get picked, you can try again, or wait for the reader-friendly version to be released. (Current goal release date: January 1, 2018)